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On a Night Like This by Xaviere On a Night Like This :iconxaviere:Xaviere 0 3
I sit back and recline
With a glass of fruity wine,
And copy Cassiopeia combing her hair
The midnight whizzing through the air;
But too proud. Just too proud to be revered.
Cry clipped 'W's
For the crocheted Muse,
She snubs me like all the others.
Then watch a plane glide through the Bear,
Just miss the stomach for a dare,
Swing by Major, ignore minor
Things like clouds and finer
Tickle across Draco's pallid scale
And without fail
The North is bright tonight.
From Orion's Belt to two little dogs,
Sirius barks and Taurus is fogged.
Andromeda screams at the end of her ride,
Did Perseus just stop for a bit on the side?
But I lie. The world spins singularly by.
Astrology bites, and mythical cries
Are a packaged featured mystery prize.
The stars hit me in the sky.
So where am I?
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 2 2
The Runic Knight
Night by night he lingers here,
Posed upon a pallid creature,
To watch and wait with eager minds
To scour the city of any signs
Of treachery that may be near.
Why dost thou wander, good sir knight,
Upon yonder steed so pale and white?
The air is blithe and rich with feeling
So there canst not be such evil dealing
When the evening is surely for respite.
Fair maid, I wish it could be so,
But thy perfect world mayn't ever grow.
Though the city now seems to be silent
Without warning it can turn quite violent
And then the streets are filled with woe.
Good sir knight, if I may say,
Hast not thy shift ended for today?
Sheathe thine swords and cease sketching runes
And touch not thy boar tattoo for thou hast no wounds,
Hence come with me to play.
Thou art forward, fair maid, yet without good reasons,
I have worked through all weather and all the seasons
To rid this city of heinous louts
Who really are asking for mine clouts
And a doubleslash for arterial lesions.
Doubleslash? Good sir knight,
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 2 3
Bad Hair Day? by Xaviere Bad Hair Day? :iconxaviere:Xaviere 0 1
Faded Into the Mists
The strangest place I have been
Was in somebody else's dream.
The mist clung at my skin; ethereal things
That stroked and caressed like butterfly's wings
And I breathed it in, inhaling the pale smoke of old
Memories and pallid reflections. The air was cold,
Colder than the frozen spray of old perfumes
That linger in the mind until it consumes
Completely, and drown in the fog. I stood
There and closed my eyes, thinking of what I should
Do, lost in this mirage. The world seemed to
Stand still when I opened my eyes to see the view,
The air chilling my eyeballs, and the mist seemed to fade
As I moved through the clouds in a slow, languid wade.
The clouds shifted aside, like curtains drawn
In the morning, sunkissed in the shade of the dawn,
But no dawn here, just the frosted glitter of light
As soft as Borealis moonbeams that flicker out of sight
When I advanced, the mist swirling away. And I saw
A tree-lined avenue, gently greyed. Through the thaw
I could see a fountain, levelled thrice, t
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 1 1
Sunny Days
The sky is like a warm beach day,
Where seagulls call and the sea laps my feet,
When ice creams certainly taste so sweet
And the sand flicks up as we run to play.
The fields are like a farmer's patch
Where the stalks lash my feet as fieldmice scatter
Across the grain, growing free, and then the patter
As the seed pods burst, and the eggs then hatch.
The trees are like a hedgehog's spines,
So sturdy and pointed, swaying in the air
In a world so quaint, so safe and fair
In the forest that dances, sipping wines.
But the sun is like a guiding light
For those in wonder who must discuss
That it shines all over and smiles at us
And beams sadness quite out of sight!
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 0 3
Mature content
Ripped to Shreds :iconxaviere:Xaviere 2 1
Charlotte Sometimes
She sits on the bed, looking out of the window,
Looking at trees that were never there.
The skies are grey, and shadow-drenched,
Sits Charlotte, sometimes watching the world
Go by;
But how the walls go by, and nobody sees
How whitewashed they are, how the light
Shines off them, the glare blinding each eye;
But Charlotte did not cry.
Charlotte sometimes sat with a book,
A book of someone else's lies and loves that she could only dream of.
Dreaming into the night came Charlotte sometimes,
On her white chariot, wheeled into the night
And they did not care, when she read and read,
The planes all rushing into the night
And she was left alone;
There was Charlotte lying on her bed,
Waiting for the world to right itself,
"But where was right?"
Thought Charlotte sometimes;
Then all the trees began to slip away,
"They seemed so far away,"
Said Charlotte; sometimes she dreamed,
Of all the faces, expressionless minds,
Where all the voices blurred into
One voice;
Where you are, sweet
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 7 1
Lost Gods
Whatever happened to the forgotten Ones,
Buried under a pall of dust?
No funeral for Them as They lie in state,
Slumped in an alcove, waiting for mortal
Eyes to find Them again, and live
Forever more.
Their lore is drowned under tomes of bureaucracy,
But Discordia has not Her place in
The Pantheon - Others do, Those from a
Time long lost in stories and tales
Whittled down to a whisper, and not remembered
At all. Lord Aeon, His
Beard dragging across the
Pedestal. A cohosh-driven fantasy
The furrowed brow
In direst concentration, staring blankly at the sundial
Clasped at hand,
Waiting for the world to end
But it never did. A cracked
Piece of pale marble recalls
The Tarot card sharing Your Name. It
Glowed, but not
Now. Did You lose Your
Sense of place in a shifting world
Where they did not care?
Or do You watch from ethereal skies,
Passing time as You smile in Your rocking chair?
All the time You waited
And they waited on You, but
What went wrong? "Was
It You or Your faith
That lost Yours
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 3 2
The Broken Mirror
The mirror sits up in the attic, a cold, forgotten
Shard of 1920s chic that failed to make the
Cut to the 21st century, long before my time.
I sit, and watch the world go by,
Flying through the ages
So the dodo relived the life it missed,
Attached to the wardrobe of a high society lass
With her hair bobbed shorter than the cheeky
Hem of her skirts, cigarette-holder clutched
Coquettishly at hand,
Ready to meet the wealthy well-dressed lord,
Smiling wryly, young and deeply good-looking, but lost in a plume of
Smoky restaurants and illicit alleyways, in
Butterfly red lights and closed-door couture. A
Fashionable world of passionate climes.
I close my eyes and wonder.
I wander through the mirror that reflected old life,
Mirror images of people who danced all night;
They lived on Chanel No. 5 and liquored
Chocolates, and sensuously sensual fox-fur stoles,
They smiled a smile, and got a smile back,
Dripped over classy overtures and Parisian delights.
Then I open my eyes and smile back at his
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 3 1
Bullying Through the Ages
Sitting in the corner of the classroom,
Head bowed, beady eye focused
Upon shades of Latin dialectism,
Translating "Dulce et Decorum est" to
Something more
Is a creature curious to this
Innocence exudes from
Their crumpled body,
Pen poised to mark down
Virgil's coiffure into
Coffee and TV.
Virtually unknown to the others,
But be
This person is a
Bully of the highest
Sort. You know, the
Sort who seem have the
Expression that their
Lower lip is attempting
To hump their nostrils, with
The pseudo-elegance of
Snobbery in a vain
Smirk as they
Clamber up to the teacher
In Neanderthalic
Whilst simultaneously thinking of the toilet.
A peculiar gesture,
One may say,
To think of the toilet
In almost lustful psychology.
Freud would say it was
Sexual frustration,
An inability to - how to put
It - "Co-operate.".
His toilet humour
Was always strangely
As the bully caresses
The flush handle gently,
Eyes gazing in wonder
Down the hardened
Porcelein of
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 1 0
I am None of these Things
I think it has come to an end,
The end of a dream that never began
Except when you
Said that the world was spinning.
So beautiful were your words
That my tears fell from the sky
And collapsed upon your brow.
That was before. And now I see
How I cried for myself, but
Never for you.
You told me how I made the
World spin round,
And laughed as I blushed
Like Burgundy.
"I'd better drink you now." was
Coquettishly added.
I smiled and watched the
Stars that night,
Watching how Orion embraced
The lion's death,
And Cassiopeia wept from
Her bower, locked in
And I knew I did not
Want this to happen. I
Closed my eyes and
Dozed into euphoria,
Where the world was real,
And I saw the mirror.
I watched the world
Spin around, but
It was all twisted round,
The moon was inside out,
And the man was hanging upside
This was not right, and I was
Not for you.
You told me I was the sun
Of your world,
The source of all life
Burning into your heart.
The apple of your eye,
And the song of th
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 0 1
Lunar Smile
As I look across the room,
I can see the moon shining back at me,
A thick crescent that mellows and murmurs and moves
And stretches and sighs in pale delight.
A sure beacon in this glum night.
And as the moon looks upon me,
I laugh and giggle in utter glee
To see that I am blessed with the light
Reflected off porcelein dolls and prismatic glass,
And I reflect them back in tribulation.
Then the moon changes, for it is prone to change,
But never for the worse. It slims and thins
Into a new moon as it runs up to me,
Then eclipses into darkness
As it kisses me on the nose.
The moon always smiles upon me.
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 0 0
When There is Nothing Left
When there is nothing left, what can I do?
The air is now cold, and is getting dark
In the emptiness of life's last slumber,
Bleeding into forever, gloomy night
Overturns me to wake inside the land
Of the lost and drowned; in there, reflection.
And so I read up on the reflection
As that is what I have left here to do.
Out of my eye's corner they come to land
In torrid flows of grey and murky dark
Black shades only seen in the sky at night
That drain to rivers: thus slide to slumber.
The boat draws away; but not the slumber
Which drowns in the shadow of reflection.
The moon laughs at me, burning red in night
To mock my existence, as it will do.
The gaping wounds in my mind fade to dark
As I realise that death conquers land
That is not the physical types of land
That is poisoned and slain in deep slumber,
But the land shrouded in eternal dark
That nobody sees, bar on reflection.
There is nothing for me, nothing to do
In physical worlds, so I crave the night;
The land of infinity, is when
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 0 0
As I sit,
The sun is setting in wild splendid sights
Of prismatic delights
And I wonder...
I wonder if I can see them,
Running that circular race, drenched in intoxication
Feathered and flustered in their curious way
As they skip and stalk and stand around
And slow and stop to watch me
With a frown
I sit and ponder - where are they now?
Now I think,
And my mind goes into flusters.
Sliding down the poker stick
Was something that I wrote down,
Am I to be always the pawn of the world,
Or - if I play my cards right - will I
Be Queen
And rule in chaotic harmony?
Would I be the Queen of Cauliflower Hearts,
Playing vegetable croquet and off with their heads?
But no - too brash, I have to be
Upstanding to my fellow friends,
And offer biscuits
And sweets
And force them to run
Through human flowers that laugh and leer.
Two red ladies, side by side
[What a brilliant fight, I must confide]
First playing canasta to soothe the mind
And then a round of chess if they can find
A white lil
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 0 0
The Twin Behind the Wall
I can see
What appears to be me.
But not me.
So what do I see?
A pretty pattern on her dress,
(A bit like mine, I must confess)
Though horribly creased, I have to stress,
And her hair is an awful mess!
Mum would hate those nails,
All bitten and icky like forest trails -
Ha! Just as I said that she pales
And weeps, and sobs, in thick gloopy wails.
And now she turns a scarlet red,
Blushing in embarrassment, and I wouldn't be seen dead
Looking as bad as she does, so instead
I laugh and point at her purple head.
But Dad says it's bad to laugh like that
When someone's made themselves a total prat,
So I hold my hand out to where she's sat
And my fingers touch something cold and flat.
She holds her grubby hand out too,
And seems like she doesn't know what to do.
She looks as if she's rather blue,
And I haven't got the faintest clue.
I move my hand: she moves to meet,
And it's cold, so cold - but she's so fleet,
To meet me exactly seems like a treat.
I wonder if she likes a toffee or a sweet?
:iconxaviere:Xaviere 0 2

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